ANTEA, an Alliance of Independent Firms, has a strong presence in the more dynamic economic areas of the world as well as having representatives in other financial centers (or countries) in which clients can have needs of service. Consult us about your needs!

ANTEA members are among the leading firms in their areas and as a consequence current methodology is constantly being developed and shared within the group.

Why join ANTEA?

ANTEA gives your firm the opportunity to remain independent but still gain the advantages of international association by leveraging your expertise, sharing the best practices and offering your clients access to international resources. We sincerely believe in our corporate philosophy: “improving by sharing”.

  • You can gain new clients thanks to networking opportunities with other members.
  • You count on the support of a team with more than 3.000 professionals throughout the world, who are specialists in taking care of the international needs of clients.
  • Your organization will be supported by a prestigious international association of independent firms, with a recognized reputation for consulting, auditing, tax and legal advice.
  • The cost of membership is relatively low compared to other associations of independent firms. The admission of new members is subject to strict requirements in order to guarantee high standards of quality.

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